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Songs of R o o t s A n d W i s d o m music - The Border/La Frontera

THE BORDER / La Frontera

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1. Aflao  
2. E Ma Gbagbe Mi
3. Let Us Pray
4. Mercy
5. The Border
6. Cash King
7. La Hacendosa
8. Kiss the Teacher
9. Coffee Song
10. Bebom Reggae Mon
11. Get There
12. Cash King Acoustic

This is an outstanding Roots And Wisdom music CD because of the length of time the songs here have been tested and approved by loyal Roots And Wisdom fans and listeners all over the world.

Certain songs on this CD were licensed to raise money and awareness for an agricultural project in Africa in 2012. After passing through this scrutiny, these songs have been re-recorded, re-mastered and included with new studio materials to form this remarkable CD.

"Aflao" tells the story of a border town between Ghana and Republic of Togo in Africa, in keeping with the spirit of the entire package of the CD, THE BORDER / La Frontera.

"Cash King" chronicles the fast world of money, and the extent that people are having to go through to get it, even including churches of God.

Roots And Wisdom has proven to be a leader in multi-language music production again, singing in English, Spanish, two Nigerian languages of Ibo and Yoruba, and even the modern day language of the Mayas of Mexico and Central America.


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