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Songs of R o o t s A n d W i s d o m music - BICYCLES FOR RASTAS MAYAS

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2.Nyabinghi Girl
3.Ras Kimono Dijo
5.King Zugo's Clan
6.Raices De Africa
7.Senorita Perez
8. Onum Ga-Ekwu
9.Rastas Mayas
10.Jealous Boys/Girls
12.The City
13.Ema Gbagbe Mi
14.Hometown Baby



This was the first effort by Roots And Wisdom to release a CD in the Mexican market after recording in the USA and Africa for a only a few years.

Utilizing songs written in Spanish, English and in native African languages of Ibo and Yoruba from Nigeria, Wisdom Ogbor raised the profile of his travelling band to the next international level.

After so many years of living and touring in Mexico, the bands influence earned them
studio recording time with a crew from the USA, Sweden, Haiti, Mexico and Nigeria. These studio sessions produced some
of the best recordings of Roots And Wisdom outside Africa. Guided by some materials that Wisdom Ogbor had already pre recorded from Nigeria and Ghana, this CD was lifted into its best international profile.

Recorded in Nigeria, Ghana, USA and Mexico.
Lead voices & Guitars: Wisdom Ogbor / Lead Guitars: Prince Foster, Sunday Ofili, Daniel Kamantra / Bass: Frank Gonzales, Prince Foster / Keyboards: Kwesi Ebo, Prince Foster, Sunday Ofili, Terry Thomas / Drums: Ras Kaliman, Prince Foster / Horns: George Amissah, Jackson Puzu Jr., Reuben Hagar / Percussions: Ras Diamond, Gabriel Gablah / Chorus:Louisa Bergren, Marzia Milazzo, Jemima Narter, Kerzia Nater, Rex Abbeh, Sheilla Collado

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