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Hey friends! Jango music is paying for you to listen to ROOTS AND WISDOM Radio now mixed with some of the best musicians of all times. Try listening right now. Tune up the vibes on all systems at:-

By: RAW Music Add a comment  


WOW, I just got a free iTunes gift card code from freeitunesforever com

By: Zaza Add a comment  


Happy birthday Wisdom!!!

By: Sam Add a comment  


Saw this band in Puerto Aventuras. Adventurous music!

By: Su Blakes Add a comment  


Your Roots And Wisdom RAW Radio mix rocks! Thank you for the music

By: Pius Smoke Add a comment  


Just downloaded my copy of Hurracan Wilma from i tunes. I was in Cancun when Wilma hit. It was worst than a war zone. Listening to your song captured the feelings all over again. Great composition!

By: Jason Sanders Add a comment  


Loved your show Tulum. See you guys again during our next visit, Amor y paz siempre!

By: Juan Gonzo Add a comment  


Blesed Beltain to those I hold dear ....

By: Denise Add a comment  


Rightly said so. Roots and Wisdom music es puro musicos poetas y sabios!

By: Lydia Nunez Add a comment  


As we have all been alive to see this day, so shall we continue to lift up our higher vibrations before all creations on earth. Today is the day to lift up your positive thoughts and always keep it positive!!!

By: Wisdom Add a comment  


said well: tex-mex when tex-mex wasn't cool

By: lenore Add a comment  


Got our tickets. See y'all there!

By: Julia Pride Add a comment  


We are flying in from Austin, Texas for this event. No way we are gonna miss it. All the hotels are booked solid in the Ycatan, we we're going anyways even if it means "camping".

By: Kelly & Brice Add a comment  


There are countless songs available on the internet about Joe King Carrasco. He is a guitar aficionado, and he was Tex-Mex, when Tex-Mex wasn't cool.

By: Iggy Gates Add a comment  


I remember Joe King Carrasco. He was one of the best alternative rockers to come out from Texas. His music is authentic and his multucultural delivery make him stand apart, like Roots And Wisdom

By: Angela Paltrey Add a comment  


Thank you for sharing very beautiful African music. The combinations of languages in your songs are unique. Your music make good cultural records.

By: Rose Madu Add a comment  


Roots And Wisdom Music playing in my car with my friends in Argentina.. Jah work.

By: DJ Terry Add a comment  


Happy Birthday Wisdom. Hope we could have joined you at the Tulum reggae festival. Have fun. Wish you the best.

By: Eva Marvin Add a comment  


Ride on Roots And Wisdom music. Wisdom and bikes. Bikes Not Bombs! Greetings from Austin, Texas.

By: Felipe Albert Add a comment  


Thank you for supplying the music to my sisters wedding party at the beach in Tulum. You guys are really a bunch of go easy musicians and I like your style. Looking forward to seeing you in one of your U.S. shows. Rastas Mayas rock!.

By: P. Santos Add a comment  


Cordoba, Veracruz. Saludos a la banda Roots And Wisdom, de parte de Isa y Val. Tambien para preguntar cuando van a volver otra vez a Veracruz? La gente piden por ustedes.

By: Isabella D. Add a comment  


Share my commentary with your public. I am a lover of roots and wisdom music. Since from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. You can always count on me live here supporting my bros.

By: Manuel Vasquez Add a comment  


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